Oberpfalzbrucke Regensburg - Germany

Features of this project:

  • 250 meter Bridge Drainage 350mm wide unit
  • Removal of old gullies and pipes that had rusted out of the bridge deck.
  • Rainwater leaves the road surface directly and runs into the 350mm wide drainage band of the bridge deck.
  • Prevents aquaplaning: 25X more efficient drainage due to continuous drainage line.
  • Easy maintenance from the road surface through the inspection units every 50 meters.
  • 350mmm of space was saved by integrating drainage into the pedestrian section and there are no more cast iron gullies or pipes in the bridge deck.
  • Lightweight units provide cost savings during installation and also weight savings on the bridge deck

Project background:

Together with Ilp2, preparation of the design already started in 2018. Also, our 320mm wide drainage over 40 meters was already installed on the E56 in 2018 to gain experience for this 6x larger Oberfalls bridge in Regensburg. Another innovation was also integrated into this project; dry weather drainage.

A 15mm high rib in the center of our 350mm wide unit ensures that during light rainstorms, sufficient flow velocity creates the drainage system. During heavier rains, precipitated sediment can be flushed out of the units at an accelerated rate and reach the sand trap units on the abutment.

In the region around Munich, 6 projects have now been realized with our drainage solution. The clients the city of Regenburg, Freising , Munich and Autobahn GMBH are very satisfied with the application of the Bridge drainage Kerb solution!


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