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fibreglass pipe

Bridge Drainage pipe is a tube-like product from fibreglass reinforced resin, the common name of which is GRP, FRP or fibreglass pipe. By combining fibreglass, thermostable resin and special fillers in appropriate quantities, it is possible to produce pipes with a wide span of physical and chemical properties, resistant to aggressive media and temperature from -60 ºC to +120 ºC, which results in their diverse application.
The pipes are realized under the bridge deck in the suspensions and allow the rain water coming from the bridge deck to flow away from the bridge deck immediately.

Some advantages in using fiberglass tubes:

  • Lesser pipe weight (1/4 of the cast iron pipe weight or 1/10 concrete pipe weight),
  • The ease of connecting and assembly at the same time means less time to install
  • Enabled flexible replacement of the pipeline axis
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Hydraulic properties remain unchanged for a long period of time, which means a long and efficient life
  • The high quality properties of the pipes conform to the world wide standards,

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